What Is Website Hosting?

Simply put, website hosting or web hosting is the physical location of your website on the internet. Signing up for a website hosting plan means you essentially rent space on a server where you can store all the files, content and databases needed to run your site smoothly. The hosting plan will also come with the actual technology used to make your website run and be available globally.

Website hosting plans come in many different prices and configurations. Higher prices give more your more space or more bandwidth. If you have many visitors for instance and lot of images that need to be downloaded, your bandwidth costs would be higher than a website that is primarily text.

A good website host will also typically provide some level of security and malware scanning to detect malicious intrusions. Reliability and customer service are also major considerations you should research before choosing a provider especially when running eCommerce websites as downtime can be very costly to your business.

Website hosting plans are typically paid for monthly or yearly with discounts for purchasing more time upfront.

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