4 Website Design Tips

1. Avoid clutter at the top of your site. Website visitors need to be able to easily navigate through your site using the navigation bar. . Every website pages doesn’t need to be featured at the top. Feature pages

2. Design for your industry. Your website is the first impression that someone usually gets of your company. While a hotel website might have a clean, high end feel, a bed and breakfast website may have a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Choose colors that match with the feelings that you want to evoke. Here are some great resources for finding your perfect palette.

3. Use great looking images. Appearance is everything. Human brains are visual focused. Images communicate an idea instantly and in the this modern short-attention world, they are a great way to immediately grab someone’s attention.

4. Mobile first, mobile friendly. The world is now mobile. More persons are now browsing the web from their mobile devices than from their desktops. Make sure your website is responsive or that you are serving a mobile friendly template to those visiting from their phones or tablets. Test your website using services like Google PageSpeed to ensure that you aren’t missing valuable traffic because your website is loading too slowing for persons on the go.

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