4 ways mobile tech is affecting retail

Smartphones have quite arguably had the greatest impact on the retail industry that any other technology in the last decade. Strategic implementation of mobile technology and mobile content is quickly becoming a necessary tool for all retailers. Here are 4 ways mobile tech can affect your business.

Customer Identification

Many people are familiar with the classic retail method of getting customers through the door and encouraging them to make a purchase. Mobile technology however has made the relationship between brands and customers more personal. Rather than focusing on solely attracting new customers, tools such as social media, apps and SMS allow retailers to maintain communication and establish loyalty towards the brand or product.

Customer Engagement

Modern customers shop online and offline. Giving customers a diversity of choices across different mediums allows them the flexibility and convenience of ecommerce even while inside physical stores. In fact, according to mobile loyalty company SessionM, 90% of retail shoppers use smartphones while shopping, including looking for in-store deals, coupons and checking prices or product information.

Data Analytics

eCommerce not only offers multiple options for the modern buyer allowing for impulse purchases, last minute shopping but provides detailed valuable data that allows understanding the customer journey from first glance to final purchase. This allows retailers to better target customers based on data such as their purchase and cart history.

Global Reach

Engaging customers on mobile tech allows a far greater reach that a single physical location could ever hope to achieve and could lead to establishing new markets in different countries without the additional expense of renting new locations.

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